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Store your RV, camper or boat safely in Rochester, NY at our newly renovated location!

The popularity of RVing and Boating has been increasing over the years. Families and friends have figured out how much fun it can be! It’s a chance to slow down from the fast pace of a busy life and enjoy quality time with those you care about.

With this intensely growing interest in camping, RVing and Boating, it has created a need for storage in the Rochester, NY area.

At Rochester RV and Boat Storage, we’re committed to providing RV, Camper and Boat owners a safe, economical and convenient storage facility to protect their valuable investments.

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Security Is Our Priority

Making sure your investment is secure and safe is our #1 priority.

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We offer economical pricing options for storing your RV, camper or boat!

Easy Access

Close to the highway so it's easy to access your RV, camper or boat.

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RV, Camper & Boat Storage

Whether you love taking your boat or jet ski out on Lake Ontario or navigating an RV or camper around Western, NY, when it comes to storing your recreational vehicle, parking options are often limited. The city of Rochester, and even small towns or suburbs, often have restrictions about parking oversized vehicles on streets and even in driveways. Neighbors and HOAs can have a say on where you park your summer toys.

Fortunately, our Rochester RV Storage facility is safe and secure with features designed for your peace of mind. You will find our storage facility is conveniently located in Rochester, NY, that is in close proximity to some of the area's most popular outdoor destinations.